Nadia + Chris

Getting to know Nadia and Chris was such a delight. We met a few weeks before their wedding and discussed details over chips and spinach dip. They both had such a calm, yet excited approach to the day. I commend the way they handled the planning and preparations for such an event. Nadia explained to me that my services were the one thing she splurged on. She went on to say how important beautiful, heartfelt photography was to her. I wanted to hug her when I heard those words! I loved that she just “got it”. She knew that when all is said and done your memories and your photographs are what is left to help re-live the day.
I asked Nadia to share how they went about their planning and preparing. She of course sent so much great information! I hope potential brides can learn from her advice.
Written by Nadia-
So much of our wedding was the volunteering of family and friends!  As a side note to my favorite vendors, I think that allowing my loved ones to pitch in gave everything so much more meaning.  I think too many people seek perfection when the real satisfaction comes from the meaning that all of those personal touches bring.  I love that my friends hosted, Chris’s friend officiated, my friend’s mom did the cake, my mom did the flowers and centerpieces.  A friend designed the invitations and emceed, and SO much more.  They all did a beautiful job.
As for great vendors:
Food: Mangia Italiana was a HIT with our guests and was very reasonable!
Sound Equipment: I thought that DirectPro Audio was fantastic.  Anyone who doesn’t go the professional DJ route should speak to them.  Jason Bliley is a true audio guru.
Hair: Turning Heads is nice because it is very large and can accommodate everyone at once.
Venue:  Regency Lake & Tennis It was a hit with our guests, for sure.
All printed items: Creighton University Print Center (this is open to the public to use)  The quality is great.  They color matched my invites to my bridesmaid dress sample, and their customization options are out of this world.
RSVP site: Everyone should do this  I sent physical invitations but RSVP’s were submitted online.  Pay the $20 for the upgrade, especially if you’re arranging seating.  It is so perfect for staying organized with your guest list.
Your wedding song?
Our wedding dance: “All of Me” by John Legend
I walked down the aisle to “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds
What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Walking out to the bubbles with everyone lined up.  Walking out hand in hand and seeing everyone we loved in one place was amazing!
Any advice for other future bride/groom?
1) Don’t spend a ton on everything!  Pick a couple of priorities to splurge more on and cut back on the other stuff.  This kind of goes back to the piece about allowing your family and friends to contribute.  We didn’t ask anyone.  People want to help, and when they do it all just means so much more .
 2) Make it YOURS.  Do what you want to do for your day.  This will make you and everyone else  happy once they see how well your day reflects you as a couple.
Funniest memory from your wedding day?
I bought some Hershey’s Kisses with wrapping that was pink and silver striped  to scatter on the reception tables over 3 months ahead of time after Valentine’s Day.  My bridesmaids found them and thought they were for the chocolate fountain and diligently unwrapped ALL of them in 3-4 minutes while I was out of the room.  This was not a big deal to me–don’t sweat the small stuff!  However, the look on their faces when they realized what they had done was priceless.  I felt bad that they looked so shocked, but I told them it’ was okay!  I still laugh thinking about their faces when they realized the mistake.

Want to see more from Nadia and Chris’ wedding day? Watch their slideshow below.



Melissa + Zach

Melissa and Zach were the first couple I photographed of the 2014 wedding season. They set the bar pretty high as you can see! All joking aside, this was such a fun group of people to spend the day with. An incredibly sweet couple, a “wise beyond her years” flower girl and a bunch of warm family members were what welcomed me on May 17th, 2014.

I asked Melissa and Zach to share a little about their day and they went above and beyond! I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the day they tied the knot.


Hair: Mattie Knihal at Gloss Salon and Day Spa

Ceremony: Bethel Lutheran Church 

Reception: The Paxton Lobby and Ballroom

DJ: Joey Latka from Complete Music

Cake: Melissa’s aunt, Sandy Skoglund-Young created the cake in her hometown, Springfield, Missouri, and then transported it to Nebraska. This was a highlight for us, as it was created with love, absolutely beautiful and delicious. It’s a detail we’ll always remember.

Florist: Larry at Hy-Vee at 90th and Center 

Hotel Block (Where the girls got ready): Doubletree by Hilton Downtown

Wedding Night Hotel (Where the guys got ready and where the “first look” happened): Hotel Deco

Wedding Song

Our first song was “True Love,” sang by and from the 1950s movie High Society. We took dance lessons for four months leading up to the wedding and knew we wanted to pick a waltz. We really liked the words to this one: “I give to you and you give to me, True love, true love. So on and on it’ll always be, True love, true love.” Also, we like that it is unique and timeless.

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

It’d be hard to pick one moment. Being surrounded by our family and friends meant the world to us and we’re so thankful of everyone’s contributions to the wedding. Melissa’s Aunt Sandy sang and Aunt Cathy played the organ at the ceremony, which was performed by Melissa’s friend from growing up, Becky. We had close friends stand next to us as we said our vows, read the day’s lessons and contribute to the service’s music. The toasts at the reception were definitely a highlight, Zach’s brother and Melissa’s dad, sister and brother all were extremely funny and touching. We’re extremely grateful to everyone who gave us the wedding of our dreams.

Note from Melissa: I’d say the moments before walking down the aisle with my dad will always be treasured and remembered, as well as the first time I saw Zach that day; my nerves were instantly calmed and I was filled with excitement. To share that moment together and then to bring Zoey in to be a part of it was perfect.

Any advice for other future brides/grooms?

While I did spend a fair amount of time planning the details, the most important part was sharing the day with our families. From the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday night until the small brunch we hosted at our home on Sunday after the wedding, the entire weekend was spent with those who mean the most to us. My advice would be to just enjoy every second. It seems cliché, but just having everyone there to celebrate with us was the best part of the weekend. We had a wonderful day, which we’ll always remember and it really meant a lot to have so many people share in that happiness and excitement.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

On the way to the church, Zach, Zoey and I were all in the car with my parents and my dad receives a call on his cell phone from my brother. Apparently the guys were asked to step out to give us some privacy for the first look. They were expecting someone to let them know when it was over, so they could come out of hiding and head to the hotel. We were so caught up in the moment and getting to the church that nobody remembered to let them know we were headed that way.

Also, Zoey on the dance floor was pretty hysterical. She had an amazing time- and was even spotted sliding across the floor in her white dress on her knees. At one point, she came up to Melissa and said, “This is the best day ever.” Of course, we agree!


Engaged: Ashlee & Steven

Ashlee and Steven are getting married tomorrow but before they do, I wanted to share their engagement images. They had the brilliant idea to photograph in their kitchen. We had a great time together and they even shared a recipe with me. You can see how much they enjoy the culinary arts as well as spending time together.

Their story- Written by the couple

Ashlee and Steve met on December 11, 2010 on a very cold day where neither of them had any business leaving the house.  Omaha was in the middle of a blizzard; however, their good friend was having a Christmas party and neither would have missed it for the world.

The first time Steve had an opportunity to lay eyes on Ashlee, she was festively wearing a lovely pair of reindeer jingle bell antlers, while Steve was wearing a very festive “ugly Christmas” sweater.  Steve was very intrigued by Ashlee and knew that there was more to her than met the eye.  After a long night of laughs and fun amongst friends, the night ended and each went on their way; however, Steve and Ashlee continued to run into each other through various outings with their coworkers.  Steve and Ashlee both believe there might have been some colluding amongst their friends to get them together.

Whether it was intentional or not, Steve and Ashlee are very thankful to the friends who helped bring them together and the fact that they met.  Ultimately, it all lead to a first date, which soon led to falling in love!


Engaged: Jenny & Aaron

Jenny and Aaron’s engagement session was a genuine good time. We were laughing quite often throughout the evening. Jenny’s originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and Aaron’s from Sandusky, Ohio. Fortunately their paths crossed via and the rest is history!

Who wants to photograph an engagement session with a 1968 raspberry colored Camaro? This girl! And that’s right, I said raspberry, not pink, not purple. These two made this car look goooood!

Jenny and Aaron you guys have the best smiles! And you’re very good at cuddling which in turn makes for excellent pictures. Thanks for making my job easy. See you on the big day in September!




Getting to celebrate Mother’s Day

Have I told you about some of my favorite clients ever? Maybe it’s not right to have favorites but Katie and Evan are super special to me. I grew close to them after photographing their engagement session and then their wedding day. Katie has an incredible sense of style and she puts her heart into everything she does. Her wedding day showcased both of these traits. I showcase Katie and Evan’s wedding as one of my sample albums when I meet with new clients. People always comment on how beautiful she is. I always tell them that she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She has a giving heart. And now she’s getting to celebrate her very first Mother’s Day!

You can can imagine how excited I was to hear that Katie and Evan were expecting their first baby in March. Two weeks after my own son was scheduled to arrive to be exact! I’m always honored when past wedding clients invite me back to document the next step in their lives, parenthood. Recently I’ve changed things up with my business and how I photograph newborns. I am mainly focusing on family connections. As much as I love photographing babies posed on beanbags, it’s just not where my heart is. My style has become more candid. I want to showcase your family being yourselves, living and laughing, doing what you would already be doing. I want these images to be shared with baby when he’s older to show him this is what his life looked like at this time. This was his home and this is how his parents cared for him. It’s intended to be a snapshot of life at that current stage. Newborns change so incredibly quickly and it’s valuable to have these images to look back on.

Without further adieu, here is Broderick at six weeks old.

Please click on the slideshow below to see more from Broderick’s session.

May 12, 2014 - 5:04 pm

Jessica Fauss - Cara
These are amazing as always. You captured this family of three just as they are. Katie and Evan are wonderful parents and Broderick is one lucky little dude. It is fine to have favorites…these two would be some of my favorites as well.