Easter greetings from cb Yates Photography

This post should be titled “essential tools to bribe a child for great photography”. Just kidding, but the fruit snacks Mom brought definitely helped hold little E’s attention. I’m going to have to hit Sam’s Club and stock up ’cause they worked wonders. 

Just wanted to post these images of little E sitting in a nest with her eggs right in time for Easter. We all had fun taking these images, Mom and Dad included! They’re good friends of mine and traveled all the way from Minnesota. I’m so glad they road-trip to have me photograph their little girl.

These black and white images below were some of the last images I took but they’re my favorites by far. Mom had started changing E’s clothes and she found this cute strawberry stocking cap in my suitcase of props. We put it on and she started running around with Dad chasing her. I was lucky to catch these couple of shots when she slowed down a bit. I love the last little impromptu clicks of the camera that you don’t expect.
Well I hope everyone has a happy Easter weekend! The weather has been wonderful so far. I had a great maternity session this morning. Watch the blog for a sneak peek next week. Can’t wait for their little girl to arrive.

Take care and enjoy the time with your family. Hope the Easter bunny brings you something yummy! I was hoping to pick up some Reeses Peanut Butter eggs but the store was all out this afternoon. Couldn’t believe it.


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