Engaged: Ashlee & Steven

Ashlee and Steven are getting married tomorrow but before they do, I wanted to share their engagement images. They had the brilliant idea to photograph in their kitchen. We had a great time together and they even shared a recipe with me. You can see how much they enjoy the culinary arts as well as spending time together.

Their story- Written by the couple

Ashlee and Steve met on December 11, 2010 on a very cold day where neither of them had any business leaving the house.  Omaha was in the middle of a blizzard; however, their good friend was having a Christmas party and neither would have missed it for the world.

The first time Steve had an opportunity to lay eyes on Ashlee, she was festively wearing a lovely pair of reindeer jingle bell antlers, while Steve was wearing a very festive “ugly Christmas” sweater.  Steve was very intrigued by Ashlee and knew that there was more to her than met the eye.  After a long night of laughs and fun amongst friends, the night ended and each went on their way; however, Steve and Ashlee continued to run into each other through various outings with their coworkers.  Steve and Ashlee both believe there might have been some colluding amongst their friends to get them together.

Whether it was intentional or not, Steve and Ashlee are very thankful to the friends who helped bring them together and the fact that they met.  Ultimately, it all lead to a first date, which soon led to falling in love!


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