Engaged: Rachel & David

I first met Rachel over the Christmas holiday and right away I knew I wanted to be part of her wedding day. David unfortunately wasn’t with her at the time but I knew he had to be Mr. Wonderful by the way Rachel described him. They both currently make their home in Atlanta but will be traveling back to Rachel’s hometown of David City, Nebraska for their May wedding. While emailing with Rachel about the upcoming engagement session and where we were going to photograph it, she sent me some insight into their relationship and how it came to be.

An idea, which might be completely crazy, would be to go to the airport!  We spent a LOT of time in airports flying back and forth to see each other during those two years, and it could be neat to celebrate our engagement by remembering the huge investment that we made in the first years of our relationship.

I love how she uses the term “investment” in regards to their relationship. The minute I met up with these two on that chilly February day I could see exactly what she meant.

downtown omaha engagement photoWe began our time together at M’s Pub in downtown Omaha. It was the scene of one of their very first dates together. We lucked out and the same table they had dinner at was open for them to sit down and reminisce.

MMdowntown omaha engagement photographyThe familiarity of the airport washed over David and Rachel as we walked in. I could tell that they had been there numerous times. I asked how often they would travel to see each other and they told me they never let it go longer than two months. Rachel told me about the many times she’d pace the upstairs floor waiting to see David walk down the long hallway. The old saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder . . . ” instantly came to mind but sometimes that absence can just be too long.

Airport Engagement photoRachel shared how David gets on the MARTA in Atlanta at his house which is a couple stops before hers and he always tries to save her a seat. Once at their destination they deboard and ride the escalator together before going their separate ways for work. David gives Rachel a kiss on her forehead as they travel up the moving steel stairs before they start their day. While on our session together, they routinely fell into this embrace just like they do back home.


airport engagementThese two have a wonderful story together . . . and it’s just getting started. I can’t wait to be with them for their wedding day in David City. There will be much laughter and happiness . . . and fabulousness! (a little inside joke for Rachel)

March 20, 2012 - 7:11 pm

Gramma & Grampa Bayne - We are blessed to have a wonderful grandson who has met a spectacular, beautiful, smart young lady. (I went ‘low-key’ on the adjectives ’cause we haven’t met her yet.. stay tuned.!!)…. and plays piano. We pray that you two have a marriage that surpasses even your wildest dreams and that it lasts forever… and a day !!. May God smile upon you mightily from this day forth.
Gramma & Grampa Bayne

January 16, 2013 - 11:41 am

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