one week ago today . . .

we met to photograph their maternity session. It was a beautiful spring day with lots of kids at the park for the Easter egg hunt. I joked with Christine saying how I should do some shots with all the kids in the background saying they were hers. We laughed about it but it’s not exactly true. Christine and Leroy are expecting their very first baby. And to be truthful, I can’t say expecting in the present term anymore because CONGRATULATIONS are in order! Christine and Leroy now have a baby girl. I’m counting down the days till I get to meet her and take her photographs.

Can you see the excitement between these two? The whole shoot had such a great vibe. It was an honor to photograph such a special point in your lives. It’s spectacular how much life can change in a week. Last Saturday you two were cuddling in the park and now you’re cuddling a little angel in your arms.

I can’t wait to meet her!


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