Sweet baby girl Pia Rose

I love this sweet, welcoming family. The excitement for this little girl’s arrival was visible the moment her Daddy let me in the door. Pia Rose sure doesn’t have to look far when she needs cuddles. There are four sets of arms eagerly fighting over who gets to hold her next.

I am excited to see baby girl grow up in such an amazing family. Her parents are amazing and “oh so in love”! How lucky that she has a big, protective brother and a kind, patient sister. The joy they’ll share as they all experience life’s moments growing up together will be memorable.


Mama has a *love* for old quilts. She had an amazing collection to choose from and they were all so soft and colorful.

newborn photography quilt

Daddy, so strong and protective.


Safe and snug in big sissy’s arms. Baby toots are sure to get a belly laugh!




Want to see more from this sweet little bundle’s session? Please watch the slideshow below.



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