Working on my skills at JVS 2-day Lighting Workshop

One of my goals for 2009 is to improve my off camera lighting techniques. When I saw the images coming out of the JVS Workshop I figured it’d be a great chance to work on that goal. Back at the end of February I went to Dallas to attend the JVS 2-day Lighting Workshop. It was fun to get away, learn some new skills and meet some wonderful photographers. Joseph and Anne were such nice hosts as they taught us their knowledge. We worked in a variety of locations but my favorite was the night shoot under the interstate. We had to get out of the street ever now and then for some cars but it added another element of adventure.

Below are some images I took of Jason & Kori Hudson, a totally cool husband/wife photographer team out of Arkansas. I’d say they’re really good at being opposite the side of the lens they’re usually on! Joseph from JVS set up the lighting and we all got a chance to shoot. This is a pretty simple lighting technique that I’m excited to work with. I want to incorporate this look into some engagement shoots I have planned this spring.

Here’s another image just showcasing some of the behind the scenes shots. If any photographer is interested in this workshop I’d tell them not to miss it. I learned tons about off camera lighting in a way that was fun and exciting. They had so many different lighting modifiers and it was cool to try them all out while photographing fellow photographers. It’s always a blast to work with others that share your passion. They have no problem trying a funky angle or holding that pose just a tad longer while you adjust your settings, etc.


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