Engaged: Cassie & Mark

Engagements sessions are enjoyable for many reasons but I always love getting to know my clients the best. I get to see how they love on each other, how they tease one another, listen to the embarrassing stories they tell and most importantly learn how they’re planning their future together.

Cassie and Mark were no exception, they are so much fun! There were many times that night where we were doubled over, laughing out loud. They are spirited, humorous and fun loving souls! We traipsed around the downtown Omaha area and eventually ended up at the new Hotel Deco. Great plan Cassie! The modern decor coordinated with your stylish attire perfectly.

Thanks again for a fun filled fall evening Cassie and Mark! July 14th is looking to be an amazing day for you two!


March 21, 2012 - 4:12 pm

Darbi G. - GORGEOUS couple. and lovely photography. Well done, CARA!!!

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