Engaged: Jenna & Keith

Jenna and Keith’s engagement session took place late last summer on the campus where they both attended college together, University of Nebraska at Lincoln. They’re both spirited fans of the Huskers and enjoy tailgating together on game days. Even though the evening was a tad bit on the humid side we still enjoyed our time together. They both had me laughing at their little jokes they shared with each other. Our first stop was this pretty little nook on campus where Keith asked Jenna to marry him.

Jenna and Keith will tie the knot this weekend and they’ll definitely start the 2012 wedding photography season off right for me. They have been wonderful to work with. It will be exciting to see them take this next step together as all the wedding planning comes together for the big day. Their personalities compliment each other well and their sense of humor will keep them together for many years. I know I will arrive home on Saturday night with a stomach ache from all the laughing that will go on!

Looking forward to seeing you both on Saturday!



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