Happy lil’ guy

I was so glad to finally get to photograph “T”. Mom and I had rescheduled due to rain but finally found a morning that worked. I can’t decide what I like best about this little guy, his gorgeous baby blues, his squishy little cheeks, or how his smile is slightly mischievous yet entirely wholesome. No wait,  I like how his blonde hair gets all spikey in the wind. Yep, that’s my favorite. Check it out below:

I love his reaction in the image above. Daddy arrived a little after we started and “T” pointed and grinned as soon as he got out of the car.

Mom and Dad are the perfect props for a one year old. They’re guaranteed to generate great smiles.

Mom told me “T” just learned how to say ball so I made sure to bring one with me to the shoot. His little voice was so cute when we played. 

The last image is his reaction to sand for the first time. He really liked it and kept digging his hands in for more. Glad I could be there to photograph his reaction. 

Thanks to Mom and Dad for meeting me that morning. I know it was a little early but it was well worth it. I’m thrilled with the images we captured. 🙂


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